Thought I was acting. Next time I’ll just shut up and ride it out because explaining is too ridiculous…




I’ve been waiting for a weekend like this.

Friday night ramen and grocery shopping.

Saturday, no plans. Met C for waffles in the afternoon. Harley tired out early. Vince played video games. I watched some streams.

Sunday, made the ultimate chicken fried rice, egg, bacon combo. Crashed out for a few hours while they watched videos and played kendama. Starbucks run. Then Mitsuwa dinner.

I’m beat, so anime’s in full rotation.

This ain’t just an amusement park, Walt Disney.




I used to go this donut shop on the hill. It was open 24 hours, so I’d go there pretty late. I studied Japanese and sometimes just wrote or doodled. Eventually I got to know the guy that worked there. He didn’t really speak much english. So our conversations were basically just about donuts and coffee. No one really went there at that time. It was a nice, quiet, empty place. I dreamed there and mapped out a future in my 3-ring. Restraint wasn’t an option. At the time, I could do whatever I want.

I did whatever I wanted.

Coffee and donuts, and my binder, were all I needed…




It’s hard to explain work or what that means to me.

One day you’ll understand…



A designer’s role is similar to soldier. Director is the general. Because we create the designs, we’re gung-ho about releasing them. An early drop from designer rather than synchronized release with the main unit is like a soldier rushing out into the battlefield without a strategy. He/she may make a small dent, but only reach a few targets before being halted…



I was reading through the tangent tabs in my browser (as I regularly do at night) when my comp suddenly ran out of juice. I saw a tired person I didn’t recognize… sitting there alone… staring at me. And, I wondered, “who are we in the absence of all this…?”




Maybe it’s summer talking, but, I think we’re done here.




I used to take pictures a lot more than I do now. I had my camera on me at all times, and shot whenever the opportunity arose. Unobstructed, I’d drive around and shoot whatever I could at the time… even stopping abruptly or making time consuming u-turns to take a shot. I do post a lot on instagram, but it’s not the same.

Who shot ya…?



Am I waking up…?



Buffalo Wild Wings #BlazinChallenge 01:35



Today feels like it didn’t even happen…



Prepress Log Supplemental:

Workday complete. Lingering allergies have evolved into a cold. Beat, but not defeated. Anticipating a retreat to quarters. A quiet night of reading is in line. Made a final post-work delivery. Still harboring discontent over the other day’s events.



Prepress Log Supplemental:

Chiller repaired. Press now operational. How do we complete three days of work in less than one?

The bulk of our jobs are still OOA. Currently relegated to delivery while printing catches up.

In search of…


Prepress Log Supplemental

With limited print capability, and all existing jobs OOA, prepress is at a standstill. I’ve been instructed to rendezvous at Kelley Paper for an incoming shipment.

En route…


Prepress Log Supplemental:

A neighboring outfit with comparable facility is granting us use of their equipment. Ironically, they just called. Their cutter is down, and they request similar assistance.

Yin Yang…


Prepress Log:

Currently without press functionality. The chiller is inoperational. It couldn’t have come at a better time, as we’re slow at current. I attribute it to daylight savings time, easter early this year, and upcoming spring break.

Possible opportunity to catch up on freelance…



A or B :

A [_] Enjoy other works…

B [_] Measure them against our own…

C [_] All of the above…



I drove south down the highway and exited west, navigating a slight curve, onto a boulevard. The multi colored rectangles above the street showed signs of life. But, the dark building interiors told me there was no one around.

I continued driving a few blocks until I saw a 24 hour on my left. The red signal ahead offered a breather and a moment to choose direction.

I turned left and was greeted with more rectangular glows. This street was unlike the last. The shop interiors were lit and silhouettes paraded on opposite sides of me.

Where was I? And when did it actually become night? I’d been traveling for years and every day was the same. Today… tonite… was different…


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